Monthly Archives: September 2012


For today i have chosen to combine cold colors that have a stylish effect on clothes.
At first i wanted to use only dark blue and brown but then i thought that i should give a “splash of color” so i tried turquoise. Courageous?! I guess so but i am content with the result.
Also I didn’t know what to use flats or heels?! But as i tend to wear comfortable shoes i chose flats with awesome details that fit perfectly with the outfit. For those who like heels here is the alternative:
Etta cap toe leather pumps
As it is classy I decided that this vintage pair of glasses is perfect and it will emphasize the classical effect. Moreover the geometrical shape of this leather bag contributes to this effect.
This outfit is based on this round collar shirt. I am in love with this kind of shirts and when I saw it I was sure that this is the base of my new outfit!

Day: 1…

Beautiful Weather – only good for a change

It seems that autumn is taking root and the temperatures began to drop suddenly. My life is changing like this weather and I think I like it. I have chosen to make this changes and it took me a lot of courage, but i am satisfied with the result. One of the steps that I have done implied this blog where I will post my beliefs and things that I appreciate or like.

I am interested in fashion, health&care, traveling, music, movies and books. As these are my interests I guess that my future posts will be about things concerning these major topics. Maybe fashion will be the first and a special topic because I am in love with it, but the other topics won’t miss.